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Sail Door County’s Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sail in bad weather?

Sail Door County encourages guests to book early during your Door County vacation which gives you time to reschedule if we have to cancel due to inclement weather. Sail Door county monitors the weather at all times and we do not sail in adverse conditions. Should the weather be unfavorable, we will cancel. If we do cancel your cruise, we make every effort to reschedule your trip, but you will not be charged unless the cruise leaves the dock. The captain of each boat solely decides if the conditions are favorable for a sailing cruise.

What if we have to cancel?

Please call us a day ahead to cancel or reschedule so that others may have the opportunity to sail. If you cancel your cruise 24 hours prior to the cruise, no charges are incurred. Cancellations prior to 9 AM the day of the charter result in a 50% charge. No shows will be charged the full charter rate. There is no charge for cancellations due to severe weather advisories.

What should we wear and bring?

Guests are encouraged to bring sunscreen, a windbreaker or sweatshirt and if it is hot, a swimsuit. White soled shoes or no shoes are preferred, but not necessary. Guests are more than welcome to bring along small coolers (snacks, beverages and adult beverages are permitted). Don’t forget the camera!

What will we see?

Sail Door County gets offshore and your cruise will have views of the peninsula with vistas of the islands, rocky shoals and bluffs. Every sail is unique due to the wind speed and direction making every cast off from the dock a one-of-a- kind experience.

It is very rare that we make it to Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, but if the breeze is just right, her views make for a spectacular cruise!

Can I bring my dogs or pets?

Small lap dogs are fine on the boat, however due to the limited space on sailboat larger dogs can be cumbersome. Please contact Sail Door County to discuss a sailing adventure for your furry friends.

Is it safe?

Our captains have been sailing on average of 35 years each. They are licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard and have experience on the ocean as well as the Great Lakes. They know the waters of Door County like the back of their calloused hands. Our captains will try to sail our boats as flat as possible for a comfortable ride. The boats have engines and are meticulously maintained throughout the year. The boats CANNOT tip over; they heel a bit but are designed to sail in the worst weather.

Will I get sick?

It takes time to get sick and our cruises are two hours long. If you are prone to motion sickness it’s best to eat a light meal ahead of time and take some seasick medication. Typically we sail in an offshore breeze meaning most days afford us no waves at all.

What kind of boats are they?

All of our boats are sloop rigged sailing vessels, (one mast providing two sails) with diesel engines as backup. They have bathrooms and accommodations for all your belongings, coolers, etc. All boats accommodate six people. Although we could get more aboard, the United States Coast Guard limits us to six people aboard each vessel.

Cal 40 “ The Passage North” is the largest vessel in our fleet. She is 39’ 7” on deck.  The Passage North is a 1966 racing sloop designed to race from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Hawaii. She is fast, spacious and comfortable. This boat was completely restored inside and out over a three year time span.

C&C Landfall 38 “Time Passages” This 38 footer was purchased in Trinidad and cruised northward to become a Sail Door County charter boat. She has been completely restored inside and out over the course of one winter. She has a very well appointed cabin, bathroom a.k.a. “head” and is comfortable and spacious on deck.

Can you accommodate our large party?

Currently there are no sailing vessels in Door County that can accommodate more than 6 passsengers. We are working with the Sister Bay Village to bring in a large passenger schooner. We can currently take up to 18 people at the same cruise time utilizing our fleet of three boats.

Can we arrange for a private charter?

Dream up your ideal day on the water and Sail Door County will assist you in making it a reality. If you wish to book for a full day, half day, or longer than the two hour standard cruise, give us a call at 920.495.SAIL (7245).

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