Captain and crew

Meet the Sail Door County Crew

Climb aboard and leave your cares behind! Enjoy sailing with the crew of Sail Door County on the beautiful waters of Green Bay. Your boat will take you and your guests past beautiful islands and bluffs as you enjoy the day’s breeze or the evening’s sunset.

Captain Peder Nelson

PederPeder is the owner and operator of Sail Door County of Sister Bay and holds a Masters 100 Ton Near Coastal with endorsements in sailing and commercial assistance towing.

His winters are filled with freelance work which includes writing, project management as well as ongoing boat restoration of the Sail Door County fleet.

Peder resides in Northern Door County.

Captain Andrew Hallett

Captain Andrew Hallett

Captain Kevin

Captain Kevin

Captain John Klein

John Klein

Captain Matt Olson

Matt Olson

Captain Sam Burris

Sam Burris

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