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Sail Door County Fleet

Sail Door County is proud to offer two completely restored sailing yachts. The boats, both sloop rigged with one mast providing a main and foresail known as a jib have been renovated for appearance and your pleasure. The vessels have diesel engines to get them in and out of the dock, full cabins for storing all your gear and coolers and bathrooms known as “heads”. The boats are equipped with extra safety gear that surpasses USCG standards. All Sail Door County vessels are sound, seaworthy ocean going boats with creature comforts and amenities to make your sailing experience exceptional.

Passage North w/Sunset40′ “Passage North” – Cal 40

The Passage North is a 40 foot sloop with two sails, a full cabin and a bathroom. She has white decks and has a Kingston Gray hull which captures different hues in varied light. If the sky is dark the hull darkens, bright days lightens the color significantly and during restoration it sat next to a wheat field and actually took on a khaki color. The boat received all new hardware, a new diesel engine and new sails in a recent upgrade.

The Passage North is a 1966 “Cal 40” originally called a California 40. The boat was built in Costa Mesa, California and designed by Bill Lapworth. The boat which is forty feet in length, was designed to compete in the Transpacific Race between California and Hawaii. Known then as the “Freak” the Cal 40 was revolutionary in design due to a fin keel that was not attached to the boat’s rudder. Old timers of the era said the boat would never meet the demands of the open ocean and the boat which was built for speed shouldn’t venture offshore. Over 40 years later Cal 40′s now have their own class in the Transpacific Race and are crossing oceans all over the world. Not only was the boat tough and safe, it won race after race throughout the United States and beyond. The Cal 40 is now in the Design Hall of Fame for sailboats. Ted Turner and Gary Jobson, ESPN’s voice of sailing, sailed a Cal 40 called Vamp X and repeatedly won highly competitive races throughout the United States. More information is available on the internet by searching for “Cal 40”.

Passage North & Time Passangers38′ “Time Passages”

The Time Passages has logged thousands of miles on the Pacific Ocean, Carribean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes. She is a C&C Landfall which measures 38 feet on deck. Although this cruising sailboat is designed for comfort it has a design emphasis on performance. The boat has a Matterhorn White deck and hull and is accented with generous amounts of high-glossed varnished teak on her deck. The vessel holds a blue water rating which puts it in consideration for offshore sailing and ocean crossing.

Originally purchased in San Francisco, she was a “live aboard” for a couple who followed their dream of Caribbean cruising. Sail Door County took command and ownership of the boat in Trinidad and the boat was sailed north to Florida over a period of a winter. This Caribbean boat became a Bahama Mama for a short stint and then rested in Florida. She was shipped north to Door County and was restored over a period of two years. She now plies Door County waters in pursuit of perfect sunsets and bluff breezes.

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