A Sailing Excursion aboard the Tall Ship Edith M. Becker

As we head into the Door’s sparkling waters, the crew of the Edith M. Becker raise the schooner’s sails of this traditionally rigged and registered Tall Ship. Modern winches are not available and hoisting the canvas is truly a labor of love. Sit back and watch the action or join in to heave a halyard to set the sails!

The captain’s course is dictated by wind direction but prevailing breezes usually bring the schooner toward Eagle Harbor as he navigates along cedar covered shoreline, under lime stone bluffs and past caves, coves and islands. A trip to the lighthouse is common when the wind is southerly.

On days with a north or easterly breeze, guests can enjoy an equally comfortable and enchanting sail past the Sister I slands which are teeming with bird life. The crew will narrate the history of the shipwreck Meridan and point out shoreline landmarks. As we venture further north on this voyage, you will view Washington Island, Ellison Bay and the peninsula’s largest protected bluffs boasting ancient cedars that reach down to the shoreline. Sailing under this bluff allows us a cruise in 100 feet of water just several yards from shore!

Photos of the Schooner Edith M Becker

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