Your Door County Sailing Trip

With over 250 miles of shoreline, Door County's beauty begins at the water's edge. Climb aboard and leave the cares of land behind. Enjoy sailing under majestic bluffs and rocky shoreline as your boat departs into the serene waters of Green Bay.


Rocky shoals, tree covered islands and beautiful sunsets provide an exhilarating view, and memories that will last a lifetime. So grab a camera, your sunglasses and anything else to make yourself feel at home, as you sail on the Door's sparkling green and blue waters.


Guests are encouraged to bring food and beverages of their choice. Feel free to listen to music, or simply relax to the soft sounds of the boat plying through the waves.


The consistency of Door County's wind provides a sail for everyone. Our morning sail welcomes the day's breeze and the sun's warmth. The afternoon sail is just as exhilarating as the warm currents descend on the bay from the tree covered bluffs.


For those looking for that perfect sunset, your search is over. Join us on your sunset cruise as we toast to the twilight under the sinking sun. Yes there is something for everyone, but if you're like most visitors, once is not enough.


Contact our captain and schedule your Door County Sail cruise reservations now.